The Priesthood of Egypt

Yall DO KNOW the Story of The BIBLE right?

So I got a quick question, n I’m looking for a for real answer…. It has been said on record Masonry, is Judaism, and Judaism can not be separated from Masonry. I wanna make sure I got the timeline right…..

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Egypt was a world empire for thousands of years…. they communicate the sciences of spirituality, consciousness, cosmology, theology, astrology, astronomy, anatomy, psycholgy, biology….. through symbols, stories, and allegories…. and preserved them on temple walls.

Joseph comes to Egypt as a slave, winds up in the pharoah’s house, and ruling over egypt as grand Vizier… brings his family in and sets them up in positions of power, government, and influence…. they live there for 200 years….. then theres a CHANGE in government, someone who comes AGAINST their dynasty and begins to oppress them. Moses, someone BORN OF the family line and Dynasty of Israel…. brought into Pharoah’s house, raised as a son, marries the daughter of the High priest of On (the Sun) and then leaves Egypt…. goes into the dessert and meets another priest of Midian and marries THAT mans daughter… he goes BACK to Egypt, and he wakes the Nation of Israel UP, and calls them to come OUT from under the egyptians…. they have a showdown…. Moses leads them out, they leave weighed down wth wealth, posessions, a mixed multitude of peoples, taking the egyptian/cannanite language, and ALL THE WISDOM OF EGYPTS revelation to respin and reveal in a new way for a New People… a New NAtion that formed….. so Egypts Wealth, Egypts Wisdom, Egypts Language, Egypts people….. but forming a New Nation with a New NAme……. Just want to make sure im on the right track…..

When they finally get into the promised land to settle and set up their Nation, its in cannan which is technically part of the Egyptian Empire…. then when they finally get a King, only 3 kings in, after Saul and David, Solomon, the Greatest of the Kings in power and Wealth….. was married to the pharoahs daughter, and according to the kebra nagast (Glory of the Kings), had a child with the Queen of Sheba who was Queen of the North and the South living in Ethiopia, and his Son became King of Ethiopa and converted the Nation of Ethiopia to “Judiasm”…. or the Hebrew Faith…. I just wanna make sure im getting this correct. Cuz people be trying to check me, n test me, and call me all sorts of things n say Im confused or leading people astray…. just wanna make sure were seeing the same thing…. So LATER…. Judah gets attacked by Babylon and everyone gets taken into captivity and brought to babylon… and they write down all the oral traditions and stories, legends, traditions, creation myths….. to preserve it.

So what we have is the preservation of all the priestly mysteries and revelations of Cosmology, Theology, Physics, Epigenetics, Quantum mechanics, Sound frequency, sonoluminescence, Astrology, Astronomy, Psychology, Alchemy, Anatomy, Biology, Language, Mathematics, Music, Reading, Writing, Attraction, Manifestation, Transformation, Religion…… The Science that was held for thousands of years in Africa, in Egypt, in Ethiopia….. the Revelation of the One Lord, One God, One Power, One Spirit, One Word, One Waters, One Love….

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And now….. the Freemasons and Catholic Church… have kidnapped the Knowledge Buried the Christ, Hid the Truth, worship Egypt in Secret… Worship the Sun in Secret… study Hebrew and Greek and decode the names and words, and meanings…. white guys…. hold the keys… to the mysteries…. of Africa…. they hold the Truth in unrighteousness…. they who call them self Jews but are not, but are of the synagogue of Satan….. They are the continuation of the Same Edom who infiltrated Judah, became Jews by conversion and dominated the religious system of Judea in the days of Jesus…. who are connected to the same Romans who ruled over Jerusalem in the times of Jesus…. who are the same romans who took over the greeks and took their Gods and wisdom and twisted it, who were the same greeks who took over Egypt and took their gods and religion and wisdom, and twisted it…

I just want to make sure….. so there was Mysteries, and Schools to learn the Mysteries. They were in Africa for thousands of years. Priesthoods. They School system was exported out of Egypt, next door by Moses, basically a Pharoah in his own right, Bible says he was as God to Pharoah…. Moses establishes his own priesthood and initiates them into the mysteries for them to start preserving them, and passing them down, and initiating men of certain bloodlines to become priests or “angels”….. Later the Priesthood got infiltrated and taken over, and when JEsus shows up he says…. you had the KEYS TO THE KINGDOM, but refuse to go in or let anyone else access the Kingdom. So JEsus, establishes, his own priesthood…. John the Baptist baptizes him, and performs ritual on him, making Jesus High Priest and establishing the Priesthood of the Order of Melchezidek AGAIN, on the earth, RESTORING what ABRAHAM received….. what JOSEPH KNEW…. what he BROUGHT WITH HIM INTO EGYPT, and what INFLUENCED the Empire during his reign…. WHAT MOSES KNEW, what DAVID KNEW… JESUS KNEW… Jesus was the EMBODIMENT of the MYSTERY…. he was the REVELATION of the MYSTERY veiled in the WORD… he was the WORD MADE FLESH…. he was ONE with the LOVE, LIFE, LIGHT, WORD, CONSCIOUSNESS, IMAGINATION, INTELLIGENCE, FREEDOM, JOY, PEACE, WISDOM….. REVEALED TO HIM IN THE WORD…. and he STARTED a Priesthood of EVERY DAY MEN, FIRST to ISRAEL, THEN to the NATIONS…. to BRING EVERYONE into ONE NEW FAMILY TREE, ONE NATION, ONE PRIESTHOOD, ONE SPIRIT, ONE LIFE, ONE LOVE, ONE MIND, ONE WORD, ONE BODY, ONE FAITH, ONE HOPE, ONE BAPTISM, OONE GOD, ONE FATHER ABOVE ALL IN ALL AND THROUGH ALL…….. hmmmmmmmm


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Your either a Priest or a Pawn…. and if your a Priest…. what Priesthood are you in? The Christ Came and comes in the Flesh and has established a Line of the Passing on of the Mystery of the Divine Nature….. In Love. Theres a lot of other priesthoods out there, with lots of Agendas….. lots of claims, lots of rites, rituals, words, practices, doctrines, beliefs… all priests are awakened to the realm of Spirit and mental/astral planes…. they are like Angels….. Fallen or Righteous….. the second heavens abve our heads is the battle ground, the airwaves….. the power of the air….. but in Christ we are seated high above them in spectrums and frequency ranges they can not access….. peace joy and righteousness…… a spectrum they can not partake in……. Union with the Father the Source of Divine Love, Life, Light….

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