Hollywood and Witchcraft

I used to be obsessed with films, and always wanted to be an actor. Now I’m extremely picky with what I watch or hardly watch them at all.

Hollywood was put into play as part of mass brainwashing. It’s all about witchcraft. A lot of people don’t give much thought as to where the name ‘’Hollywood’’ comes from, well it’s all about witches and witchcraft, as the wood from holly trees was were witches got their wands from. If you go right back to the beginning of Hollywood you get the film ‘’Wizard of Oz’’ which of course had a witch as the main villain, and in the film you’ll see Dorothy the main character picking an apple out of a tree which represents the fruit from the Garden of Eden. Also with the yellow brick road at the end, you have 666 depicted at the end of it

If you look at Disney and go right back to the beginning with their first fully animated feature film ‘’Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs’’ the main villain in this is also a witch and she is depicted with an apple, which again represents the forbidden fruit from Eden. Disney have a 666 in their logo, and with this they are trying to tell you that ‘Satan’ is the god of this world. The satanic elite are all about subliminal messaging. If you look the character of Mickey Mouse and his wizards hat you’ll notice the star and the moon on his hat and that’s always on the hats of wizards, which derives from Baphomet.

Aswell with the ‘’apple’’ if you look at the corporate world with ‘’Apple Computer’’ you’ll see their logo has an apple with a bite taken out of it, also representing the forbidden fruit. And the price for the first apple computer was $666.66. 

Going back to Hollywood and all of these ‘’Hollywood stars’’ this term comes from Satan being a ‘’falling star’’ so when you hear the name of a ‘’Hollywood star’’ it’s all about them being little gods, Satanism is all about being your own god and rejecting the true God.

Hollywood and Disney like to depict their hero screen characters using witchcraft and wizardry, something God forbids, and using it to achieve good. The Masonic religion is all about duality, light and dark working together. And you have this going on in the world right now with the satanic elite making us social distance, 6 feet in front, 6 feet behind, 6 feet apart, making us believe it’s for our benefit when really it’s damaging in many ways for your soul.

Hollywood and Disney have you under a spell, the world is a stage and we have been punked. Break free from this.

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