More on Spirit, Soul, and Body

You are a body just as much as you are a soul. your body is a big integral part of your individual creation. Your body image is your eternal image which is has been hand carved into your soul body, your pure creation essence by the energy of god, higher beings and all those who helped to create you. When you become a spirit, you will be able to become physical and experience physical reality the physical realms anytime you want. the physical reality and physical realms is a part of the cosmos and eternity for all time and will never disappear like the false teachers and guru’s and false religions try to teach you. although when you get to the afterlife, you will be able to transform your image and form any body you so desire, your true essence and image is the form of this body that you were born in and is forever ingrained into your cosmic immortal nature. You are one persona one individual soul. many false prophets will try to tell you that when you go into the afterlife you lose all individuality and lose your own conscious like you are in a machine,that does not feel and if they can suck you in enough they will try to tell you that god is not conscious it is just energy or that there is no god its just a state of mind. you can tell these false dark teachers by their fruits those who teach the opposite of cosmic law. You are one individual, who is consciously connected to all creation. And there is a conscious creator, and it does not put you in “hell” like some religions will have you believe; and you t do not have to be born and die and then be reborn with amnesia and become a totally different person losing all connection to who you were for millions of years until you learn a “lesson” so you can go to heaven. god does not need to punish you like this, god is perfection,and it can help to perfect and heal you with in 2 milliseconds if it so desires the universe is not some sick game created by god. this idea is the equivalent of banishing yourself to unnexistence, losing your conscious and your mind of who you are millions of time and then waking up to be a totally different person. this is death, this is spiritual death, and this is against gods cosmic laws. for all eternity will never be allowed to erase you consciousness and become a new a person, that is considered death and its illegal, just like you are never allowed to kill or hurt anybody in the afterlife, you are never allowed to kill yourself either, god will not let you, and he wont let you erase your conscious either. you are born once and die once, you are only person you not just a faceless mindless creation who is not connected to your soul. these false teaching try to separate one from their soul. dark teachings are all found in each of the big 5 religions but all in different ways. these dark teachings are put there for a reason but you must be able to discern the light and dark in each of the big 5 institutionalized cosmic dark age religions. One may also ask “I have had many different looks and body images in this life, as a child and all the way to a old person; what is my souls image that you speak of.

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