Sleeping Consciousness

Human consciousness is notoriously asleep when things are comfortable, predictable, and certain. Face the unknown, embrace the collective transformation, embrace the quantum leap of awareness. No more separation & war, no more exploitation, no more slavery or hatred, no more corrupt systems of control, no more lower dense vibrating energy. Awaken to joy and unity and freedom. Powerful changes are calling for the radical transformation of consciousness. Remain calm during this dimensional shift, love will prevail, peace and harmony will prevail, Sentient Human Beings will prevail. We are multidimensional beings of pure awareness, listen to your intuition, let your spirit be your guide. Sending love to all, nothing but unconditional love and acceptance of all. We live in extraordinary times, where the old mind set is being transformed into a new vision of higher dimensional frequencies. Connect to the oneness of all, embrace the transformation of a new earth.

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