Being Yisra’el

Being Yisra’el is not something that needs to be advanced by affirming or militating for it, neither can it be hindered by denial or opposition. It is a part of nature that exists regardless of what anyone may think or do, either for it or against it, and which is made obvious simply by observing the course of history.

If you were to assemble a library of the best works written for any field of human endeavor, whether that be theology, philosophy, physics, engineering, medicine, architecture, design, or any of the sciences, or if you were to assemble a collection of the best works of literature, poetry, painting, sculpture, or any of the arts, what you would have, almost exclusively, is a history of the white race – a history of achievements which don’t exist to anywhere near the same degree in any other race of people.

You can accomplish just as much by marching through the streets in support of maintaining the sun in its present course from east to west across the sky, or rioting against the same, as you will by cheering in support of, or screaming in opposition to, Yisra’el. Both are parts of God’s created order and we sin against Him when we foolishly attempt to change that order or deny the obvious existence of the same.

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