See The Good

It is necessary for us to be aware of our weaknesses, negative aspects, and our mistakes, in order to address and overcome them, and while some level of open and honest self-examination is needed in our spiritual life for this reason, it is important that we do not get caught up in self-judgment, self-negativity and self-doubt, or an overly self-conscious state. That will not accomplish anything good, but quite the opposite.

Instead, aware of our flaws, our imperfections, we are wise to look and see the good in ourselves, starting with seeing one point of goodness, then another, and another, adding one good to another, gathering in the good, as it were, and then focusing on drawing out, expressing, enacting that good, focusing on the good, our strengths, our talents, and using them for our sake and the sake of others in our lives. In this way we can bring a balance to our flaws and imperfections, and be empowered to transform or overcome them, and to progressively transform ourselves and our lives, and to grow and evolve as an individual, a human being.

As we learn to look and see the good in ourselves, and to draw it out, so we can seek to see the good in others, and do what we can to encourage and support them in drawing out the good that is within themselves – affirming the good in them.

It is wise for us to uplift our mind and heart, it is wise for us to uplift the level of vibration and energy in our consciousness; in so doing we bring ourselves into alignment and harmony with the Divine Presence, Holy Shekinah, and the Divine Presence will move with us in the various actions of our lives, and may take up those actions with us and complete them.

Do understand, the word Shekinah means the ‘Indweller,’ indicating the great good, the divinity, in the depths of our being. Quite naturally, if we make a habit of drawing out the good that is in us we will reach into that depth of ‘greater good’ and draw upon it.

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