Having Too Much Power Makes Them Insane

This is a warning. Move out of the big cities. It is going to get worse. No police, no protection, these wicked people have gotten what they want. A lawless country.

Now you know how it feels when you give a liberal a little liberty, it’s not enough until they take yours away. They will demand conformity or they will destroy your reputation, get you fired from your job, take your children, take your homes, and refuse medical treatment. I have told you for years that this was going to happen. You called me uninformed, stupid, I did not know what I was talking about, you laughed at me, called me names, said I was a conspiracy theorist, and a nut case. Now you cannot turn on the news and not see the chaos everywhere you look. Lberals forcing people to bow before them, tearing down historical statues and flags, defacing heads of former presidents, and telling the police force to stand downI have told you for years they hate our country, our customs, our way of life, and our constitution. They will rewrite history, make more laws to make you conform, to shut you up, and comply.

You are scared. You should be. You sit back and let this happen. We warned you for years. You told us to vote. See where that gets us. Same crap every 4 years. How does it feel to have a republican president, but the liberals are running everything? You thought Trump was going to drain the swamp. You thought he was going to arrest Obama and Hillary. They are still walking around, influencing every American policy. Nancy Pelosi and her comrades have a lot of power, and they are using it. America is in chaos. It’s time to start praying some imprecatory prayers. If you do not know what they are? You need to do some research. Time for the church of the Living God to arise. This madness can be stopped. First thing; the church needs to repent. Secondly; these politicians must be removed. Not by voting them out, they need to be fired, with no pension. Thirdly; order must be established again.

You want to defeat racism. Here’s how to do it. Churches need to open their doors to all races. Walk hand in hand. No more white power. No more black power. We need to establish the power of God in our nation again.

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