These Days Are Demonic

I have been thinking about all the things that has been going on in this world lately. And it seems to be getting bad each and every day. Riots and looting everywhere. Churches, police stations, businesses are burning. Politician are trying to pass laws to do away with the police department. Madness everywhere. What are we gonna do. I thought I would never see this kind of stuff in my lifetime. It’s here. And it’s in full bloom.

There has been a demonic infiltration that has been instigated by forces beyond our wildest imagination. People are saying and doing things without restraint. If you call them on it they start acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. Is it gonna get any better? Is this the last days? Have our final moments here on earth are just about to rap up? It seems that way. Doesn’t it? What we need in this time is a word from God, we need direction, we need answers. Conspiracy theorist have been telling us for years that these days were coming. We have been warned. Now we are facing the consequences of our decisions. We are facing the repercussion of a lack of understanding. In this day and age we need to return back to the basic of life. A heart that is pure, and a love that is beyond our reality.

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