It’s Time For The Church To Influence The World

It deeply saddens me how many people I meet or listen to claim to be Christians or claim to be a leader, or claim they took this or that bible course but as soon as the media promotes fear they are will to forget about all the promises of God, their willing to forget about the full Armour of God and their willing to submit under one of Satans top generals called FEAR. So many pastors on line like to claim this or that and so many like to make all kinds of excuses, but what so many dont seem to realize is who do you believe its that simple. The news papers non stop report all kinds of lies, the weather reports are wrong so many times, so many news papers are sued because of false statements and yet even though so many people knows the media hates Gods word, the media cant be trusted and the media speaks lies non stop the majority of the body of Christ are more willing to go with the flow then stand on the word of God.Through all the years I have been a christian or a minister it doesnt matter what topic it is the church seems to cling to every word the media says about any topic but this might shock some of you but did you know the church is supposed influence the world and not allow the world to influence the church? It seems like every day some one is coming out with a so called new doctrine to promote more fear. Isnt it time to quit listening to demons and start listening to the voice of God?

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