Civil War May Come

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the real news today is not being reported on your TV. Around the globe, nationalists in many countries are up against a world-wide network of interlayered interests. These include the CIA, the Mossad, Pakistani ISI, the CCP and others. These networks of operatives are who are behind the unrest not only in America, but in many western nations. Even when we are finally successful in closing down ANTIFA, they just reform into any one of a dozen other groups. Remember ACORN? ANTIFA is what ACORN became. Please get your affairs in order. The war for America is coming. It may end up as a physical war, (God forbid), but it is primarily a war of ideologies. This battle will require that we be the best we can be. Educate yourself and others. Share what you learn. Connect with your neighbors. Make the connections now within your communities so that when the attacks come, you know who your neighbors are and who are the invading hordes. Be well. Be safe. Walk in Peace.

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