I know this is an inconvenient truth, but truth it is. Westernized rebuilding required a stripping of everything former to the black and indigenous, to be replaced with a new Eurocentric identity. For example, the indigenous of the Americas were forced to submit to this process, as their culture was erased and eradicated, with their hair cut, children forced to attend European schools as well as to adopt new Europeanized names and new Europeanized religion. In the regions of South and Central America, they were subject to racial mixing with the European, which was a specific policy of colonization designed to further dilute and destroy their culture and identity and to ultimately supplant it. A new individual had been created; a new identity forged. This was even viewed as a benefit, as left to their own devices without “modernization,” blacks and indigenous were nothing more than brutes and primitives.

We are living the outcome, an Eurocentric system, codified as the norm and the way of life for everyone, for the widespread benefit of all. It is not even a question whether it is proper or not, it just is. Since the days of the Enlightenment to now, the European has achieved total and complete cultural hegemony. So total as a matter of fact, that we do not even realize it, but accept it as the only way to live naturally. We have adopted their ways as ours, completely, to the point that we have zero connection to our ancestral people. Our identity is the Eurocentric identity and vice versa. Our ancestors were people of the land and of deep spirituality. Europeanization stripped them of their worth, their land, destroyed it, and replaced their spirituality with westernized religion. As for the question, “Who am I?” black and brown people? We are what the ancient Shamans called the “Primordial Light.” We are Spirit. We are one with the Universe. No system, process, person or government can ever take that from us.