The Wicked are God”s Servants Too

The Bible has a lot to say about the wicked. Their monstrous greed and selfishness is running rampant. What is God doing about these criminals?
Those wicked criminals happen to be God’s servants, according to the Scriptures. All that greed and selfishness is well described by the prophet, Joel, where they are called locusts, cankerworms, caterpillars, and palmerworms, “my great army which I (God) sent among you” (Joel 3:25). These wicked people are the worms and parasites that do nothing but feed themselves greedily. God has sent them among us in order to judge us for our refusal to obey His Law (Ezekiel 5:16,17). These wicked people THINK that they are doing this just because they want to rob us and get rich off our labor, but they do not understand that God is the One who is directing them to do this against us (Isaiah 10:5-7 and vs. 13-15). Ezekiel 38:4 tells us that God is actually putting hooks into their jaws and dragging them to America to rob us. All of this is because we have refused the Law of God, and thus we are under the curses of the Law for disobedience. Fortunately for us, the Bible, also, tells us that one day this plunder will all end in their final destruction. This will occur as soon as our nation repents and turns to His Law. It is a great comfort to know that all these wicked enemies are under the absolute control of the God who loves us. We know then that God has the power to stop them at the exact moment He has planned to save us.

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