The name of God

YeHoVaH said: 
In every place where I cause My name to be mentioned I will come unto you and bless you.
– Exodus 20:24

With 2,363 Ancient Hebrew Biblical Manuscripts with the full vowels that has now been discovered and the number is continuing to increase…

Where’s the Righteous Anger in The Body of The Messiah???

YeHoVaH יְהֹוָה it’s in our scriptures 
(6948) times 
but was replaced with LORD in Capital letters.
The Name means: 
“He who was, He who is, and He who shall be” 
Let’s Restore His Holy Name as it is written in Ancient Hebrew Biblical Manuscripts…,

YeHoVaH יְהֹוָה Declares his own Name over 70 times in the Torah, The Five Books of Mosheh (Moses)…
The Book of Psalms declares YeHoVaH 700 times

The Scriptures declare the shortened form of YeHoVaH which is YAH 50 times, YAH appears alone 26 times, it appears as HalleluYAH 24 times…

YeHoShua יְהוֹשֻׁעַ is in our Scriptures 984 times and was replaced with the name of Jesus and Jesus evolved from the Greek translation Ioesus, pronounced heysus, in fact the Original King James Bible had had the name Ioesus but spelled it as Iesus.

This is also a historical record of the fact the name Jesus is a very modern name in terms of history.
which means nothing in Hebrew…

If YeHoShua’s name had been 
transliterated into our language, 
it would have been closer to Joshua
(or Jehoshua).., 

The name Jesus is very new to the equation, it’s actually less then 400 years old…, The Messiah’s name YeHoShua was shorted to Yeshua after the second temple period…

YeHoShua means: YeHoVaH is Salvation or YeHoVaH Saves & Yeshua simply translates as the word Salvation…

Let’s Restore His Holy Name.

Yeshua Proclaimed the name of YeHoVaH & he himself also quoted from The Torah over 25 times, The Old Testament over 75 times …

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