MK Ultra – Mind Control

Mind Control of the public has been “perfected” since the 1950’s. It involves the manipulation of perception, using “trigger words” and symbols to invoke an emotional response and further a pre planned agenda.

MK ULTRA was exposed, and the official story says that the whole practice was finished, but in reality it continued, hidden from public view. (You dont spend millions of pounds and years and years of research to “perfect” such an effective weapon.. to then bin it. It simply became a secret operation – went underground and is used to great effect, to this day!).

The main weapon of the Cabal is FEAR. They own and control the Media, and relentlessly repeat the message so that it anchors deeply in both the conscious and subconscious mind. The television, papers, and radio perpetually beat the never ending “windows updates” to a computer.

Fear is important because the mind flicks to the fight or flight mode, and becomes unable to think rationally or critically, and instead screams “SOMEBODY SAVE ME!”. Whilst in this state, they “program the mind” so that you react in a specific way.

The recent “Pandemic” (PLAN-DEMIC) shows classic Mind Kontrol all over it, from its inception decades ago, right up to today! So let’s take a closer look..

There is plenty of mounting evidence now that should raise alarm bells.

In 2010 a Rockerfeller document recreates the “exact same scenario” that we are facing today, including mentioning “Lock step” (Lockdown) and the creation of a 2nd wave to remove freedoms.

The Bill Gates Foundation also recreated “the exact same scenario” of a Global Pandemic of the coronavirus..just 6 weeks before the outbreak! (We now also see that the financial return from Global Testing and Global Vaccinations provided by Bill Gates.. will see a return, making Bill Gates £Hundreds of Billions ££££ making him the richest man on the planet. So we see the motive very clearly).

So the Cabal wishes to change the face of society to bring about the New World Order, A New digital currency and cashless society, A One World Government where the unelected super rich can live like gods amongst men.
But, to come out and say that would cause MASSIVE PUSH BACK by the public.

This next phase is known as:


The Cabal needs to create a Problem..or an illusion of one – A Global Pandemic. (It was crucial for the powers that be, to call this virus a “Pandemic”). Although they did not have the death rate figures (still much lower than seasonal flu!), the death rate and the spread, justifies a “Lock step” or Lockdown. During which, you can crash the economy, destroying millions of people’s livelihoods. Push people to use cash less as it “carries germs!”. Force millions out of work and increase “dependency” on the state (DEPENDENCY = CONTROL) which also increases levels of FEAR.

REACTION. The people that are pushed into the fight or flight FEAR BUS, flogged by the controlled Media..relentlessly throwing death numbers at people with absolutely no evidence.. The Public screams “SOMEBODY SAVE US!”.

During all this of course..they dont want people cottoning on to what they are doing, so the get us all to self isolate..dividing us further (divide and conquer), turning man against fellow man and creating a “snitch society” where people can earn points for their “social credit score” used initially in China. Neighbours dobbing in their neighbours for having family gatherings or going out for a third walk in the day..

Not only that, but our immune system works best, by being out in the sunshine and interacting with people. But we are told to stay indoors..stay at home..FEAR.. increasing stress levels, and reducing the effectiveness of our immune system.. The Cabal planning on a 2nd wave of sick people, so they can justify completely stripping ALL freedoms away.

SOLUTION. The Cabal front man Bill Gates then says that “everyone must be vaccinated, otherwise we cant return to normal. You must buy my vaccine”.

Bill and Melinda Gates have both long pushed for depopulation. Sterilization ingredients for both men and women, have been disclosed. The insidious part is that the sperm of a vaccinated man containing these ingredients, can then sleep with an unvaccinated woman, and therefore make her sterile too!

Part of this insidious agenda, is to also merge humanity with “the internet of things”. Where they will include nanotechnology that multiplies within the body, and “changes brain behaviour”, to make people more docile and complicit. Transhumanism, so that Artificial intelligence becomes the human mind.

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