How the Bible got Corrupted

The bible is perfect? far from it, in fact it’s quite corrupted and on purpose too! let me explain.

The bible is a Latin name for collection of books “Biblia”, it means these are writings that were put together by men inspired by the holy spirit, however, we are warned in Jeremiah 8:8 that the false pen of the scribes will have a hand in the corruption of his word, so over time these books were translated over and over, from Hebrew which is the original language it was written then to Greek and then to Latin and then to English and all the other languages, so you can bet things got lost in translation.
There are Hebraic/Jewish idioms and puns that you can only understand if you’re a Hebrew, why? because the bible was written by Hebrew for Hebrews and none else, so everything in there has to be understood from the mind set of a Hebrew, you must understand the Jewish culture to get a better understanding of the meaning of the idioms and parables that are all Hebrew in origin, but more than that, so much gets lost in the translation that there’s literally no resemblance of the Hebraic faith that messiah walked to Christianity today, nothing, nada, that can only be accomplished by twisting the scriptures and exchanging words as well as adding and removing things from the original texts to imply something else and that is exactly what we get in the bible today, in fact you have to some times dig so hard into the original manuscripts in the Greek and then try to understand it from a Hebrew point of view that there’s absolutely no way that any one can get the truth from the bible unless they have the true spirit that will teach them and expose these errors and there are many.
So saying the bible is perfect is being ignorant of the Christian history and some simple facts, the examples are many, one of them is how they changed the name of the creator YAHUAH into Lord, that’s a blatant error and twisting of scripture and it serves a purpose for both Yahuah and Yahusha are called Lord in the new testament so it blurs the difference between the two and supports the blasphemous doctrine that Yahusha is Yahuah and that is one example and it’s probably the most critical one for people don’t know the name of their God and worship a nameless “Lord” instead without ever questioning the problem that the name of God is a title because Lord is a title not a name…
But you see Yahuah let corruption happen in the bible for a reason, that those who want the corrupted and unclean way will find it and those who want the light way and truth will also find it, it all depends what your heart desires. perfect bible? far from it, perfectly corrupted? more so.

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