3 different pagan gods

Did you know that Jesus Christ stands for three different pagan god names? Jesus was created out of Constantine’s dilemma that he had too much division and strife in his empire between all the pagan religions, so what was his solution? create a god that they can all worship that is similar to the gods they are already worshiping and by that unite them all, that’s a smart political move solved through religion. so out of hundreds of gods in the council of Nicaea they narrowed it down to around 52 and from there to the final 3, so Hesus is was the druid sun god of the British factions which was an incarnation of Nimrod/Tammuz
Then Horus was chosen to please the Egyptian faction which is also an Assyrian sun God and incarnation of Nimrod/Tammuz
And finally Krishna was taken from the Eastern pagan religions which was also a sun god incarnation of Nimrod/Tammuz
All three united in one deity called Hesus Horus Krishna which later became in English Jesus Christ. in the Catholic church it’s symbolized by IHS.
The world has been worshiping the beast and it’s image for over a millennia and the true followers of Yahuah were the only ones refusing to take on the mark of this abomination that Constantine created, Constantine was a cult member of the cult called SOL INVICTUS it’s a sun worshiping cult that originated in Babylon and until the death of Constantine his empire coins still had SOL INVICTUS on them proving he never renounced his pagan religion, Constantine is also the one who approved the writings and compilation of the books that are called today as the New Testament, so there you have it, the founder of Christianity is a sun worshiping pagan who created a new god who is actually three different sun gods and put together the new testament.

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