The Church needs to get out the House

Nearly every town in America has multiple churches representing different denominations. The number of attendees is presently (January 2020) estimated at 214 million throughout America. There is no other organization with such representation, and yet where do we find America today? Has America become more Christian or less Christian as the numbers of Christians3 have burgeoned? Is America less or more ungodly as her churches have multiplied?

“As the churches increase, so do the infanticide clinics, sodomite parades, drag queen library shows, abhorrent legislation, debt and economic woes, and a plethora of other national, state, and local abominations….

“Someone is certain to declare, “That’s not how it’s supposed to be! Christ declared in Matthew 16:18 that He would build His church and gates of hell would not prevail against it!”

“But that’s not what He said.

“The gates of hell have easily prevailed against those at ease in their four-walled churches. The more churches, the quicker America has gone to “hell.” Perhaps instead of picketing infanticide clinics, we should be picketing new churches.

“When translated correctly, Matthew 16:18 declares the gates of hell will not prevail against Christ’s ecclesia—that is, His kingdom here on earth as established in communal ecclesias in the fullest sense of the term.

“In other words, when you look around and see the wicked bedlam in which we find ourselves in America, it’s not because God has failed us. It is because we have failed Him by erecting churches when we were commissioned to establish biblical ecclesias….”

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