Feed Them Fish, Or Teach Them How to Fish

We can feed the poor pastorally by giving them food and water. But we can also feed people apostolically by giving them “hands and feet”. The corporate Church needs to apply wisdom where it is needed and where necessary. Obviously one can’t teach an old person how to fish, instead “feed the person with a fish” simply because an old person is not mentally and/or physically capable of learning new skills. However, that may not be the case for young people who are both physically and mentally capable of learning and assimilating new skills.

For young energetic people, the corporate Church in its food aid programme need to express its love for the poor apostolically and not pastorally where they merely feed them. The apostolic mindset is to create permanence and to resolve perennial issues. One way permanence is achieved is through equipping people with mental, spiritual, technical and business skills and technologies they require to have “hands and feet”. If they have “hands and feet”, they can be able to take care of themselves (Acts 3:1-10). However, that mindset is very much lacking in Babylon (the world). Babylon and its systems of governance is only out to control and manipulate people which is what nations have been doing since the fall of Adam. It is out to use the people to fulfill it’s own selfish agendas and rightly so as it is under the influence of principalities, rulers, powers and world forces of darkness in the heavenlies (Genesis 14:21, Ephesians 6:12). But the good news is that, the Kingdom of God with its system of governance will ultimately destroy Babylon when the Church rises to take its rightful place in the 2nd heavens. (Revelation 18:2, Daniel 2:34).

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