The sons of god and the giants

These are the Tribes that the Israelites were empowered by God to wipe off the face of the earth utterly.. This is why “atheists” aka (those who resent God and think they could do better) claim that God was genocidal and evil.. They dont believe in God SO much, that they do the logical thing, which is obsess about Him and on how to discredit an malign the Bible.. some are actually pretty good at it, but most regurgitate the same old talking points and quotes of men more able than themselves, to research and debate the topic..

But what is actually far more frightening and dangerous is how many people that are or would call themselves Christians do not believe these giants existed, or anything of how we are told they came to exist. So they could NEVER explain to someone who asked why God wanted so many tribes erased from the earth, or why the hebrews were set apart as a “chosen” people, or why Noah was “blameless and perfect in his generations” so HIS bloodline was preserved.. or most importantly, why Jesus himself referred to himself almost exclusively as “The Son of MAN”..

There are a huge number of Christian’s that would stone you to death if you explained the how the Sons of God, the Fallen Angel’s had forsaken their first estate and interbred with mankind. But this is because they are ignorant of the word. Sry not sry.. if that is you, than I suggest you read your Bible because this arguments has been fought and won in the minds of every awoken Christian man and woman that I knew and because of it the entire Bible comes to life and makes a great deal of sense…

We already know your pastors arguments against it.. that the children of Seth were the Sons of God, even though every other place that title is used it is describing Angel’s or humans once we receive our incorruptible bodies.. which were the Fallen Angel’s “first ESTATE”..

We know that before the flood Noah was chosen not only because he like his grandfather Enoch, walked with God, but because he was “perfect in his generations..” He was a purely Adamic man without a tainted bloodline.. God says that in those days All manner of Flesh had become corrupted.. we are not just talking sin, he was saying that the genetic material of creation had become tainted and a reset was required to restore homeostasis once again to our precious earth..

With this we can now easily understand why a loving God would want this ‘never meant to be’ strain of humanity to be cleaned up and put of the gene pool so that man could have a fighting chance at salvation… explaining all of the Isrealites conquests after they left the desert.. it explains why the hebrews were a set apart people so they could preserve the original genetics of Adam who was a pure man.. so that through them (the hebrews) a pure and blameless man could be a blood atonement and lay the groundwork for the salvation of all by living a perfect life and being the first MAN in history worthy of opening the seals of judgement. The promise that turned the fallen against man in the first place.. that one day these humans would be above THEM..

Again, if you don’t believe it then argue with books of Genesis, Joshua, Job, Peter, Jude, John the Book of Revelation, and the Words of Christ himself.. There is far more biblical agreement and confirmation of all that I just said than any prevailing gospel of men that seeks to obscure these truths until this generation.. and be.careful who you accuse.. Remember the curse on any who would add to or remove from the Word is on them who REMOVED Enoch in the first place, not on your brothers and sisters in Christ who read and understood it.

You better know who and what THEY really are and what it means biblically when THEY “arrive” again. So you are not deceived like the rest of the world.

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