It’s All About Theology

The idea is popular today that ‘we don’t have to have theology, as long as we have Jesus.’ As pious as that may sound, is it correct? Well, let me ask – who is Jesus? Because the moment you begin to answer that question, you’re engaged in theology. RC Sproul once made the statement that ‘right thinking must precede right living.’ You see, what we think about God and more importantly, what we know about God, shapes who we are and how we live as Christians, penetrating to our core beliefs and impacting our values, goals, and decisions, and every aspect of our lives. Theology is knowing God, knowing who He is, His nature, His person, His attributes, so that we may worship Him truly ‘in Spirit and in Truth,’ in a way in which He is pleased. And since we are called as Christians to know God intimately, we are thus called to ‘do’ theology – it’s unavoidable. We must know God, not only superficially, but as He truly is. Only then can we understand our own place as Christians.

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