Live like, Jesus is Lord

Jesus is Lord. There is not one area that Jesus is not Lord over. His Lordship is pervasive to every sphere of life: the home, church, state, etc…
When Christians treat Jesus as a mere savior from their personal sin, they nullify and minimize his other offices: not only does Jesus fulfill the office of high priest as making a once for all sacrifice for our sin, but he also perfectly fulfills his office as Prophet and King. And as his vice-regents on earth(which is our original calling), we are to mirror Christ Jesus in acting not only as a holy priesthood, but also as prophets and kings. As prophets we are to call the public to action in terms of the Holy Scripture, this includes correcting governing authorities where they decree what is not lawful in the eyes of God, The Lawgiver; men are to also faithfully deliver the Word of God to their families in the home, teaching them and training them to apply it as the normative standard for their vocation. As Kings we are to reign with Christ in grace, to subdue that great enemy: sin. To mortify it, to demolish its alters starting in our own hearts and extending the warfare out to every other sphere of life.
God has given us, in his Law-Word, everything we need pertaining to life and godliness, we need not go beyond what is written(to do so is pride and arrogance). We are to apply it to the TOTALITY of our lives because Jesus Christ is TOTALLY Lord. It is under him that we exercise godly dominion in the world which He has set us over.

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