God’s People are Waking Up

Just an observation, I love you all, I ask my brothers and sisters in the root of Yisrael, who are in the way of Yahuah, grafted into the tree of Messiah to pray that all eyes will be open and all ears will hear “now” during this coming time of Jacobs troubles, both in the body of believers and especially those who are luke warm and in the world.

I’ve been noticing a trend in the last few months, generally those believers who have discovered the truth of the Church of Rome’s infiltration into the body of believers and have come out of (the whore dressed in scarlet and purple on the beast back) and Her abominations. As well as have removed themselves from the political systems controlled by the Her Jesuits and the Zionist and Free Masons, who have moved toward a more Hebraic way of Worship and Scriptural understanding. They seem to be less panicked about the virus as they know this was to come and are generally posting for repentance and in strong standing that the glorious soon return of Yahshua haMachiach is upon us. Not as concerned about the Monster of the one world order coming upon us but constantly warning about its arrival. After all we are the David’s who can slay the Goliath’s of this world, we have Yah on our side. We are looking up and forward to and can’t wait for the Kingdom age and understand it is at hand.

Those who traditionally reject the Torah, Yah’s Shabbat’s, the appointed feast of Yah, are still attending Sunday church, attending online Easter Sunday morning resurrection services tomorrow, do not understand their true identity as Yisrael and believe in the lie’s of dispensationalism. Wake, we love you, come out of Her. For the luke warm don’t rely on men for the answers, or fall back on politics for man made cures and solutions for this, this is under Yahuah’s mighty WILL, proclaimed from the mouths of His^ Prophets centuries ago. Blessing to all, love you all…

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