True Yisrael

It is true, Yahshua came for the house of Yisrael only. Yet the error of dispensationalism is the house of Yisrael are the 10 tribes of the northern kingdom dispersed to all the nations of the world and are being called back into relationship after they were divorced of Yah, when captured to Assyria and dispersed. Read (Hosea) prayerfully in light of what I am saying, then Romans. “TRUE” Yisrael are all that will be saved “All Yisrael will be saved” from of all the tribes of the earth, all that are grafted into the olive tree/root of, the Natsarim, the root). The majority from the wild branch first (“the way”, Gentiles, Goyim, (means nations). Later near end of times the greater number of the natural branch “the house of Judah, Jews, the other 2 tribes” will be awakened and will bind together (the two branches become one), prophesied of in Jeremiah and the other prophets. They together will become one branch from two in Him^ in last days, into “True” Yisrael, the bride. Notice in the OT all the promises are ALL for Yisrael, not a gentile church. The only chosen people of Yahuah are true Yisrael, those who are true believers in Messiah. Greetings to you, just wanted to share with you what I have learned is scriptural truth, on the entire bible and prophesy. The “church” has been some what feed lies from the Church of Rome, some of those lies have been propagated to Protestantism. If you are in Messiah you are “True” Yisrael, and all of the bride will be saved. Blessings to you… 🙂

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