The Mystery Teachings were once taught in the great Mystery Schools of ancient Egypt which flourished for many centuries. But there was a later Egypt, when the Wisdom they taught became lost, and in place of it there appeared the many “magical” papyri of the 3rd to 5th centuries A.D. 

Many scholars and seekers believe that these constitute the real and true Wisdom of Egypt, but this is wrong. They are the distorted and fantastic remnants only, and little else. By the time the Greeks invaded Egypt, there was almost nothing left of the real Occult Mystery Teachings.

Thus we arrive at the modern age, when a multitude of “masters of the mysterious”, “channelers”, psychics and self-styled “adepts”, blind as blackberries, hold forth on what they do not understand, being believed and aped by their misled followers. The unwise leading the stupid, the lame leading the limbless, the deaf not hearing Truth, for it remains unrevealed, like the mole in his tunnel where the sun does not penetrate and darkness is the god of Light.

Such self-styled “masters” are often very clever psychologists, who know just what bait to pass under the noses of their gullible followers, who are often wholly blind to all Truth; being blinded by the dazzling ways, pompous attitudes and sanctimonious smiles of these pretenders to Spiritual knowledge and powers, who, with their portentous pronouncements of utter piffle, confuse and enslave these poor individuals who believe that they are being initiated into the greatest occult mysteries—until the day of disillusion arrives…

Those few who are willing to devote their lives to the study of the true laws and principles of Occult Science will obtain the knowledge that leads to freedom from all earthly chains and to the glorious times when the scales shall fall from their eyes and they behold the Sanctity of God’s shining Realms and dwell once more with their own people in Heavenly Bliss.