It’s a Part of the Plan

SERIOUSLY… People, this is NOT what you all think… It is part of the plan of rounding up people that names are on the sealed indictments that are being unsealed as we speak! It’s ROUND UP TIME!!! No one is allowed to go anywhere so the good guys are able to collect these pedophiles and high level criminals (our Military!) and they are ALL OVER THE UNITED STATES!!! In ever crevice, including OUR LYING CROOKED MAINSTREAM MEDIA!!

There are over 350,000 indictments with as many as 9 names on each indictment, which comes to about 3.1 million people!! THAT IS ALOT OF CRIMINALS!! Think about that!! How else are they gonna round them up but to order Martial Law, in some of the bigger states!

This is also taking place around the world! Italy is on LOCK DOWN! THE VATICAN IS ON LOCK DOWN! The Vatican holds many of these pedophiles! This is huge and there is NO VIRUS!!!!!!! Trump and the many White Hats are working on a world wide scale, along with many powerful good people including but not limited to our Military! THIS IS A HUGE OPERATION THAT HAS BEEN IN THE PLANNINGS FOR DECADES! TRUMP HAS BEEN INVOLVED IN THIS OPERATION LONG BEFORE HE BECAME PRESIDENT!!!

After the “round-up then comes the resetting of our FINANCIAL SYSTEM! NO MORE FEDERAL RESERVE, NO MORE KILLING US WITH TAXES infact, we will get a big surprise, a monetary surprise! Mortgages will be payed off.. Credit card debt will be erased and SO MUCH MORE!!!!

NESARA and GESARA will go into affect!!!!! I’VE BEEN TELLING YOU GUYS THIS FOR EVER!!! IT’S HAPPENING!!!!! All the gold that the Vatican has taken will be given back to THE PEOPLE! All the gold that the British has taken will be given BACK TO US!!!!!!! THE POOREST OF THE POOR WILL BE NO LONGER POOR!

There are many facets to this huge operation. Some involve things that the regular person will not understand or will misinterpret. It is necessary for the White Hats to put out some misinformation to keep the enemy confused. This is why we are told to trust the plan!

Trump has all the information on every single pedophile, murderer, and high level criminal! Trump and the White Hats are in complete control! Trust the plan and try not to worry! It is all being taken care of and it is all in good hands Trump and the White hHts I’ve been Guided by our creator! This is biblical folks!

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