Israel and Africa

Believe it or not, True Israel might be in Southern Africa, with Jerusalem being in the Kalahari dessert.

Below map is a depiction of what africa was around the 14th century and would look like today if it was never colonised. North east of this map you have two nations, Namakhoe and Baherero(Hebrew People). Namakhoe or Nama people occupy majority of today’s Namibia and they are said to have named many of the country’s towns. What’s interesting about this is that Namibia has many of Hebrew names, (biblical hebrew names), Beersheba, Bethany, Gibeon, Rehoboth etc. When you go back to early maps of Africa you get many other biblical areas In today’s Namibia, Botswana and South Africa but of-course names were changed with European invasion.
Looking at Jerusalem alone. The bible tells us it would not be inhabited and Yahshua said there will be no stone left upon another. There are books about the Khoe people claiming to know of a great city buried beneath Kalahari dessert and who really knows the extremity of the fall of Jerusalem. According to early maps Jerusalem is on today’s border line of Namibia and South Africa (!kung from this map)

I am personally not claiming that Southern Africa is true Israel. I am just saying it’s worth looking into. Once you start considering this you realise that you can’t map the current day Israel with the bible locations and if also you have a little understanding of what Africa really was before Europeans then you will perhaps be a little curious and wonder why the whole world is looting so much from her, her people, animals, minerals etc

If anyone has better topic, critics on this subject I am open to learn

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