Are you saved

It is easy to ask people, ‘Are you saved?’ And often enough the answer is a cheerful, ‘Yes!’ But too often we fail to ask that ever-important question, ‘How do you KNOW you are saved?’ Our assurance is not dependant on a feeling or some experience that we had (though there will certainly be an experience when you get saved!). Nor does it matter whether we have repeated a prayer, been baptized, raised our hand in an altar service, or joined any number of churches. Our good works mean nothing, and there is no merit of our own on which we can rely. The only thing that matters is whether we have repented of our sin, placed our faith wholly in Christ alone as our atonement, and surrendered our life to the Lordship of Christ. If we have done so, the Bible tells us that this will be evidenced in our lives by a radical change that affects our way of thinking, our desires, the very passions of our hearts, and our way of life. We are also commanded to examine ourselves in light of Scripture, to see whether we are truly in the faith. So, my friend, I ask – Are you saved? And how do you know?

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