The Anointing of the Number 12

In the grand scheme of things as it relates to the government of God and the administration of God’s Kingdom government on earth, God has to release His appointed chosen spiritual leaders (apostolic elders) who need to rise up to bring together collectively the corporate Body of Christ. Who God chooses as His spiritual leaders is His prerogative. There can be no moves of God been birthed, nurtured and propagated to the nations of the earth outside the emergence and uprising of these apostolic elders. The 12 baskets of bread leftovers after 5000 people were fed is metaphoric of the 12 apostolic elders that will rise in this apostolic season to feed multitudes in the nations of the earth. These 12 elders are essentially chief apostles (patriarchs) who are grace carriers who constitute the 12 gates of the New Jerusalem. According to the divine Principle of the First Things, they must come FIRST in the ushering of God’s Kingdom government and administration on earth (1 Corinthians 12:28) BEFORE any divine moves of God can occur – this is a matter of spiritual protocol and divine order. This implies that they take the first rank, time and place. We see this principle been observed in the Old Testament (Mosaic Law) when God instructed Moses (it was God’s idea NOT Moses) to send 12 spies who were leaders of the 12 tribes into Canaan to spy out the land.

Hence, the emergence of the 12 end time apostolic elders will lead to a mass exodus of multitudes out of Babylon captivity into the Kingdom of God. Many who hear the voice of these elders will NOT ONLY BE SET FREE and be transformed but they will be equipped with various graces and anointing that will equip and empower them to be apostolic. As sons of the Father, the life of Jesus will be manifesting in and through them and they will be suppliers of God’s grace and anointing to countless lives that they come into contact with. Ordinary saints will do supernatural miracles, signs and wonders that the world has never seen before which will never ever be seen again in the future. CAN A NATION BE BORN IN A DAY? With the spiritual technology that God is releasing, it is possible for a nation to be born in a day. That will happen when apostolic elders rise and sound the spiritual alarm at the midnight hour. IT’S TIME FOR GOD TO MOVE ON THE EARTH ONE MORE TIME. This time, it will have devastating impact on the kingdom of darkness.

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