I’m sure most of you have heard of the expression “as above so below” by now. It comes from the hermetic philosophy and more specifically from the 2nd of seven laws which is called the law of of correspondence but what I am going to speak of here is the 4th which is the law of polarity. Polarity means that the extreme opposites are actually the different degrees of the same thing, in other words they are not opposites but complementary. We understand what is cold because of what is hot and vice versa, what is tall because of what is small etc.

I won’t go into much more details here but it’s a simple concept to understand and the reason I find it important to share it is that this knowledge which is neutral by nature has been constantly used by the elites to control us. Polarization of the mind is how those in the know manipulate, since polarized people have a strong opinion for or against something they are easily manipulated and controlled by either introducing an opposing force or a like force to move them, repulsion or attraction.

They use this with politics, religion, sports teams, television, media, alternate media etc… For example think about politics as a whole, this can only work with the polarization of the public into two “opposite” sides, but the left needs the right and the right needs the left or their illusion could not take. Once you understand this you can start the depolarization process which will help hugely in not falling for Hegelian dialectic agendas as you will easily start to recognize the intent of polarization behind them.