The Apostolic Church and the Bible

When you read the bible, you must not read it personally rather you must read it communally. The bible was written to the whole human race represented in the Church of Jesus Christ. It was written to subjects in the collective. So when you read, you must first see the “plural” before you see the singular; you must see the communal before you see individuals in the community. We see in Revelation that when Apostle John was writing to the seven churches (Revelation 1), he wasn’t writing to seven individual churches rather he was writing to seven CITY (communal) churches. Each city church had many local churches under its spiritual covering and oversight in a particular region. Hence, the concept of governmental churches is practiced. Governmental churches can only be established through apostolic elders working through apostolic communities.

Mature believers (leaders) will not react to new truths (revelations to be precise) presented to them rather they will listen, analyse, search, pray and then they will make the adjustments (if they need to or strengthen their positions if need be). The quintessence of this season is to bring us back to apostolic authenticity; bring us back to biblical accuracy or exactness. This is to say that everything that we do as a matter of principle or doctrine must be entirely centered on the Word of God; it must be solar scriptura. If it isn’t, then it is to be discarded.

The Church presently had not been trained to think in terms of Kingdom structure and government. Hence, the corporate Body of Christ worldwide has become dispersed and scattered. They are like “sheep without a shepherd”. That’s why God is raising apostles and prophets to educate and train believers proper Kingdom etiquette, rules and protocols so that the Body of Christ will understand how to live and work together in unity and be able to work cohesively. Currently, there is so much infighting happening within the Church, so much so that unbelievers do not want to be part of the Church. [“Church” is NOT a building rather it comes from a Greek word “Ekklesia” which means the “Called Out Ones”].

The word “kingdom” comes from two words; (1) king and (2) dominion. The Greek word for “kingdom” is the word “Basileia” which is further defined from two words; (1) subject (2) an object. The subject is me and the object is the domain I live in. 

So when I pray, “Your kingdom come”, I am saying to Him, “Your Kingdom come through me so that I can rule over my domain”. When God deals with me (this can take decades), He forms and shapes me ultimately making me into a king so that I can rule in Zion. As a king, I am of royal descent and I have a domain that I rule over. So essentially, God makes me into a king and a king must have a domain that he/she rules over.

The Greek word for “church” (Matthew 16) is the word “Ekklesia” which means the “Called Out Ones”. Called out from what? Called out from the “born again” company into the Zion company. Only when we step into Zion, do we become the custodians of a greater measure of metron(s) of grace than those who remain in the born again company. The greater metron(s) of grace and anointing given to us enables and equips us to conquer whole cities and regions even dethroning ancient, geographical demons/principalities that preside over entire cities, nations and regions since civilization began. Satan has a hierarchy of demons and a whole host of demons under his rule and they are well organized at his disposal. There are various hierarchy and levels of demons to deal with. Certainly to conquer whole entire villages, provinces, cities, nations and regions will require that a minister with the appropriate metron of grace and anointing (territorial or governing grace) to step into that city, nation and region. In Acts 19:13-18, we see the sons of Sceva failed to understand this truth regarding metrons of grace (spiritual ranking) and attempted to cast out demons resulting in demons attacking them fiercely. Many believers want to cast out demons but often fail to realize that there are various levels and ranking of demons to deal with. Whilst as ordinary believers, we can cast out personal devils that harass us, there are higher level demons (principalities) that rule over cities, nations and regions that only ministers with apostolic grace and anointing can penetrate and dethrone those demonic strongholds and set captives in those cities, nations and regions free.

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