Mind, self, and ego

There is no finger. There is no hand. In the moment after the cataclysm. There is an afterwards. True baptism exists. True rebirth. Not in a qualification, or a defense, or a profession – not in rhetoric or a reversal into sectarianism, but in the transcendence of the social, political and ontological collective – and through its dissolution, the ego monad.

There exists a myth about the self. There are at least, anecdotal evidence of the ego. There is an open and undifferentiated appreciation of the soul.
With an open hand, in a flourish – our orators and entertainers – invite us to imagine the Spirit encompassing all phenomenon.

Between twilight and dawn, for a glimpse, the gods of culture, stirs. This is not who participates in the economy of communion, or radical intimacy. It is more, and it is experienced.

That’s why I call it the Bridal Chamber, I call it Return, I call it Union. It is first, from this aeon, and will become last, as it is the fullness from fullness, through all the places and all the persons we have been. It would not have been anything without the Holy Spirit. It would not have been two becoming one, without the Son and the Father.

Towards this everything permissible is thrown, what we call holy and what we call desecrated, creation and destruction, the subtle and the crass – to cover, to bury, to muddle and confuse. That is the apparent privilege of the lord of this place. To make of apparent chaos, apparent order and of apparent order, apparent chaos. To introduce slavery as mastery, and ignorance as knowledge.

That is why we, who possess minds, need Metanoia. The generations delegate to the human heart repentance, shame, indignity, scars, lashes and stoning. Because the Soul moves and prevails while it is in its circuit, on its journey: where She is not, there is no place. Therefore few have gained advantage from what they have been taught: the disciplined has been disciplined, the poor has been starved, the criminals hanged.

The mind falls like a stone. The arrogant following. So we who have sunk, shall we call the darkness light, shall we call the cold warm, shall we call wickedness holy, sin righteous, ignorance knowledge? What of this god? What of a world? If we continue holding our grasp we will drown. There is no space for grace. The mind is capable of releasing its grasp on its everything – every known and owned. Within a spiritual Praxis of reorientation and continuing refining, by that fire, we are capable of Metanoia within the intellect, the sensate and the possessing and qualifying selves.
For generations these have been born, raised and educated for blasphemy and desecration, for the suppression and destruction of the Soul.

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