Call Me a Rebel

Rebel, pirate, adventurous they call me. Because I have been in each corner of this planet, conquering, saving, stealing but for a good cause. Saving those who have been suffering from slavery, prosecution, cruelty and injustice. My mission is my life. My heart is wild and free like the wind, and it goes where the wind blows. Conquering untamed quests, healing broken hopes, assisting the weak so they can start a life of dignity, as it should be.
I don’t belong to any system or dogma. I only belong to myself. I only belong to my own dogma that believes in freedom, dignity, love, justice and compassion. This is my religion, this is my law. This is why I am being prosecuted and followed by a cruel and misunderstood society, where lies and injustice prevail, where people follow a system of materialism, greed and ego.
I have been told of an unconquered treasure in a volcano of fire at the end of the world, where not even the most daring soul would even approach. It is said, it is easy to conquer, but there is a price that must be paid for whoever gets it, the highest, the deepest price ever.
I want to be the one who accomplish such task, so I can be complete. My wild heart can’t contain the fire of adventure and risk on an unknown trip. The days are passing by and my ship is yarning for earth, and so is my person. Retrieval is not an option, giving up is not in my vocabulary. I have come from so far to find such treasure, drawing many waters from many places.
I can almost see the volcano, I am almost there. I can’t wait to discover what I was craving for a long time now. My heart is beating so fast because the emotions are calling my senses, telling me that the greatest event in my life is about to occur. What would it be? What kind of treasure no one has ever dare conquered and why? Today is that day, the one I have been waiting for my whole life.
I can’t believe what I see. It’s you! a goddess, an angel from heaven. You trigger my heart with only the look in your eyes, green like emeralds; your hair is black and shiny like clear night full of stars, your skin soft and light like white angel feathers, and your voice the sweetest I have ever heard in my entire life. Kiss me and melt my heart with yours so we can become one and embrace our souls for eternity.
But the price is high; I can not touch earth ever again unless I bring back your stolen soul. Until that day we won’t see each other again. That day when I find your soul again, the horizon will sparkle the shiniest light ever….and finally we can be together for eternity again my love. Without you I am helpless, without you my purpose for living is meaningless…..
Please wait for me here every night watching the sunset, near the golden beach, where you can see the sky and the sea become one like two lovers. Watch the horizon so when I find it you can be ready to receive me again. In exchange I give you my heart in a box, please keep it safe until I am back. Although my heart will always belong to you.
I will wait an eternity for you if necessary my love, here take my tears for what they will become your light when you need them in your quest, even in the darkest places.

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