The Thoughts We Choose

Where your mind lives is where your life is headed.
What you think about most willingly, when you have
nothing else you must think about,
will define the direction of your life.
No matter what may be happening in the world outside of you,
you have the power to choose your own thoughts.
And the thoughts you choose can have an enormous impact.
When all is quiet, when the necessities of the day have been tended to,
when your mind is free of any constraints, what kinds of things
do you think about? The thoughts you have at such times,
the thoughts you choose to think, are the thoughts
that will show you who you truly are.
Steer those thoughts away from anger, limitation, worry and envy.
Direct your mind toward thoughts of love, possibility, confidence,
abundance and generosity.

Whatever may be going on in the outside world, your mind can
live precisely where you choose for it to live.
Choose to let it live in an empowering, life-affirming,
rich and creative place.

Choosing the life you want begins with choosing the thoughts
that will direct you to it. Those thoughts
are yours to choose this very moment.

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