The Church today is nothing more than social constructs

‘Those believers who were baptized at Pentecost were redeemed from one system much like Egypt.

All the Early Christians at Pentecost had to suddenly take care of all the needs of their society through charity alone with no forced government welfare or free bread from the Pharisees who controlled the temple or Rome.

Because the ministers, who were appointed the Kingdom of God by Christ, were not allowed to be like the other governments of the world they could not exercise authority one over the other like the rulers of those other governments who were the fathers of the earth we were not to apply to any longer.

This practice of the real Religion of God brought those followers of Moses and Jesus, who had been called Jews and would be called Christians in Antioch, into conflict with people like the Pharisees who were engaged in the covetous practices of public religion through the temples of Herod and would eventually bring about a Christian conflict with Rome and its public religion and temples.

The Early Church was doing many things that the Modern Church does not do and the Modern Church does many things the Early Church refused to do which got Christians persecuted by different governments of the world from time to time. Still, Early Christians not only survived but they thrived during the decline and fall of the Roman Empire.

We are told that “the primitive Christian demonstrated his faith by his virtues; and it was very justly supposed that the Divine persuasion, which enlightened or subdued the understanding, must at the same time purify the heart and direct the actions of the believer.”

The Modern Christian is often seen doing daily what those Early Christians were persecuted and even killed for not doing. We may use the same words but their meanings and usage have often changed over the years.

The Feasts of Israel Are Prophetic

When God instituted the feasts days; Passover, Pentecost & Tabernacles, He wasn’t interested in the ACTUAL rituals performed in those feasts rather He was interested in us learning and understanding the SPIRITUAL PRINCIPLES AND CONCEPTS that are inherent in those feasts. Yet the corporate Church at large (nationally and globally) have deviated from understanding God’s divine plans and purposes for the Body corporate (nationally and globally) as it had did not understand the importance and relevance of the feast days of Israel. The feast days of Israel are prophetic and as such provide us a spiritual roadmap and guide (with clear signposts) on how to navigate into the future. Those churches and believers who understand the spiritual principles espoused within the feast days understand prophetically where they are in relation to God’s corporate divine plan, they understand what will happen next and even in the distant future in God’s calendar.

The Holy Spirit and The Bible

The bible has been translated by fallible men overtime after 100AD. That’s why there are inconsistencies between different bibles translations and versions in certain areas of truth. This can and does affect how we interpret scriptures particularly if we don’t depend on the Holy Spirit for light. The need to depend on the Holy Spirit every time for revelation, illumination and enlightenment is key. There is no monopoly on the revelation of God’s revealed truth. What He reveals to one, He will reveal to someone else, could be the same revelation, however, it could also not be the same revelation but, another piece of the revelations’ jigsaw puzzle. When you have that experience, you know you have something solid (revelation truths) from God. God affirms to you that you are not alone but there is more to what He is presently revealing and going to do in the earth in the days ahead.

The Five Fold Ministry is still needed

The corporate Church in PNG is still very naive in the things of God. Many Christians understanding of God, the doctrine, and the things of God are very shallow. A major reason why this is the case is that the corporate Church had failed to embrace the ministry of apostles and prophets. Instead many churches were headed by evangelists, pastors and teachers. Though evangelists, pastors and teachers have unique ministerial graces to minister to the congregation, the bible plainly states that “apostles and prophets” are to lay down the “foundations” of doctrine upon which the evangelists, pastors and teachers can build upon. Christ is the foundation and foundation laying is an apostolic work not an evangelical, pastoral or teaching work. It is the spiritual mandate of apostles to lay Christ the foundation into the congregation. Evangelists can only lead people to Christ but it takes an apostolic work and grace to place Christ into believers. The proper doctrine placed by apostles as foundation work into believers will see the emergence of the manifestation of the life of Christ in believers. God created the fivefold ministries (apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers) to work in tandem and in harmony with each other. The fivefold ministerial graces are not to work in isolation of each other. When the fivefold graces operate independently of each other in the corporate Body of Christ, the corporate Church in the city or nation will remain malnourished, weak and naive in its understanding of God and the apostolic doctrine. The Early Church in the book of Acts fellowshipped around the “apostles doctrine” not a evangelist, pastor or teacher’s doctrine. Doctrines are entrusted by God to apostles to steward them on earth so God’s divine plans and purposes in that eon (age) can be fulfilled. Prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers are to take the apostolic doctrines from apostles and build on them by decomposing the doctrines into more detailed truths relevant to the spiritual needs of their congregation. Evangelists, pastors and teachers have unique ministerial graces that can take the high level apostolic doctrine and truths and simplify and further decompose truths into bite size chunks to disseminate to their congregation. All fivefold ministries have unique callings and graces; by that token, not one ministerial grace is better than the other and vice versa.

The Bible is Hated, but it is still God’s Word

If the Bible was really a means of controlling the masses then it would be force fed to your children by their teachers, scriptures would be plastered all over movies/TV/the internet/video games/media, and public schools would have mandatory Bible study classes to make sure that everyone was being properly indoctrinated.

Instead we see in reality that it is an abomination in the world’s eyes to raise up your kid on the Bible, scriptures are almost never seen in movies/TV/the internet/video games/media, and most public schools have banned the Bible altogether.

Now lets look at what things ARE being FORCED into the minds of the masses in reality by the powers that be. Godlessness, self-realization, sex/lewdness, witchcraft, greed, sexual confusion, alcohol, scientism, vanity, drugs, and even straight up Satanism!

The Bible isn’t the ball and chain shackling you down, the Bible is the only thing that can UNshackle you if you are truly willing to be set at liberty. This is why the world hates it, wants to destroy it, and wants to silence/shame/hurt/kill anyone who promotes it in public settings.