Sleeping Consciousness

Human consciousness is notoriously asleep when things are comfortable, predictable, and certain. Face the unknown, embrace the collective transformation, embrace the quantum leap of awareness. No more separation & war, no more exploitation, no more slavery or hatred, no more corrupt systems of control, no more lower dense vibrating energy. Awaken to joy and unity and freedom. Powerful changes are calling for the radical transformation of consciousness. Remain calm during this dimensional shift, love will prevail, peace and harmony will prevail, Sentient Human Beings will prevail. We are multidimensional beings of pure awareness, listen to your intuition, let your spirit be your guide. Sending love to all, nothing but unconditional love and acceptance of all. We live in extraordinary times, where the old mind set is being transformed into a new vision of higher dimensional frequencies. Connect to the oneness of all, embrace the transformation of a new earth.

External Conflict

No one is the enemy. I am all people in all their ugly delusions. I am the enemy of my present self in my past, when I believed things I can now no longer tolerate because I know better. Though I must vigorously oppose harmful ideologies, I can never oppose or hate people. We must always maintain our ability to empathize and see past the smokescreens of blinding ideologies to the human beings behind them. Those who believe themselves “woke” are especially susceptible to hating the ignorant because the ignorance of the ignorant is so obviously and blatantly ugly. Our ignorance is more subtle; it is found in the ease by which we fall out of empathy for those who have less awareness.

The great temptation of justice work is falling into hatred for the sake of love. During times of great external conflict, our growth is learning how to say a strong “No” to evil while maintaining an inner reverence for the sacredness of life. Even in confrontation, it is possible to maintain an open, free heart grounded in lovingkindness. The battle is lost when we internalize the essence of what we oppose.

Being Yisra’el

Being Yisra’el is not something that needs to be advanced by affirming or militating for it, neither can it be hindered by denial or opposition. It is a part of nature that exists regardless of what anyone may think or do, either for it or against it, and which is made obvious simply by observing the course of history.

If you were to assemble a library of the best works written for any field of human endeavor, whether that be theology, philosophy, physics, engineering, medicine, architecture, design, or any of the sciences, or if you were to assemble a collection of the best works of literature, poetry, painting, sculpture, or any of the arts, what you would have, almost exclusively, is a history of the white race – a history of achievements which don’t exist to anywhere near the same degree in any other race of people.

You can accomplish just as much by marching through the streets in support of maintaining the sun in its present course from east to west across the sky, or rioting against the same, as you will by cheering in support of, or screaming in opposition to, Yisra’el. Both are parts of God’s created order and we sin against Him when we foolishly attempt to change that order or deny the obvious existence of the same.

Fascism on the Rise


▪️social distance
▪️mask up
▪️have no funerals
▪️forcibly homeschool while still taxing us for public education
▪️stay in our homes
▪️stop going to church
▪️forfeit incomes and personal businesses
▪️turn on our friends and neighbors with a phone number
▪️hug our grandparents through plastic
▪️thoroughly have us on the verge of civil war with each other.


▪️kill even more people
▪️loot businesses (many already on the brink of bankruptcy)
▪️deface national monuments
▪️destroy our cities
▪️defund & disband our police
▪️set everything on fire

…and all the while, we’re allegedly at tremendous risk of an oh-so-deadly virus that can be diagnosed without official testing, or with so-called testing being counted & reported dishonestly, and reported on death certificates even if we die by falling off a cliff..

And now our children are being forced to go back to schools that will feel like the prison result of a war zone, with a (guaranteed, just wait for it) mandated, un(properly) tested vaccine pushed by yours-truly, BILLionaire Gates – that’s already shown severe reactions in so-called “testers”.

How did America, Home of the Free become a fascist, communist regime – destroying lives and creating dependence so quickly?

Global totalitarianism over a so-called virus that’s becoming more & more questionable to more & more people.



Body, Soul, And Spirit

Gnosis maintains that man is formed from three substances, three elements: the body, the soul and the Spirit. We have seen that the body and soul were created by the creator god. He created the body from the dust of the earth and gave it a soul by breathing his breath into man’s nose. The body, as much as the soul, was created by the demiurge or creator god.

But there is another element in man which is uncreated, which the creator god did not create. An element which comes from another world, another kingdom, from the unknowable kingdom of antimatter which in our normal state we cannot even imagine. This spark of antimatter without which no human being would have evolved to become what he is today, is the Spirit. Without It, no human being would ever have differentiated himself from a common animal. This special spark, uncreated, divine, coming from the unknowable kingdom, is called Spirit by Gnostics.

According to Gnosis, this Spirit, which doesn’t belong to this world, has been lured into and tied to the hellish matter, in order to make use of It, to use It as a driving force of the material evolution. An uncreated spark has been trapped in each man to start off this evolutionary process which figures in the plans of the creator god. Divine Spirits are used to advance evolution on this plane of impure matter.

The Spirit, formed completely from antimatter is trapped, chained up, imprisoned in this hell, and suffering torment that is impossible for us to imagine. It is one of the cruellest forms of torture there is, being bound to this abominable world of matter, to this created monstrosity which we call the body-soul of man. The Spirit is shackled against Its will and is used in each human being to advance his evolution, so that the creator god’s plans can be carried out. It is unbearable agony for the Spirit: imprisoned against Its will in a world which for It is strange and impure, being used as a disposable object so that an insane plan can be accomplished. Later we will be looking into this in more detail.

In other words, the Spirit, the uncreated antimatter spark, originating from the unknowable kingdom, is enclosed, we can say, within a bubble of created matter and is chained up there, crucified in the matter.

Gnostics maintain that if it had not been for the use of the Spirit, man would never have stopped being a hominid. He would never have evolved like he has. We can see how quickly he has evolved over just a few thousand years, as opposed to the millions of years he lived being little more than a monkey.

Such is the power that the Spirit provides to this created monstrosity called body-soul. This Spirit is tied to the soul; if man died, the soul would leave the body and take with it the Spirit which is tied to it. The Spirit is not tied to the body, It communicates with the body through the soul, and Its bond is with the soul. The soul is the breath of the creator god on man, which turned him into “a living soul”. The soul is the animic aspect in a human being, it is not something immensely superior like the uncreated Spirit.

There is much confusion regarding these issues; that is why throughout this description of Gnostic ideas we are expressing a somewhat different viewpoint to the usual one, so that everyone can at least have the option of being able to choose something which is really quite different to the rest.

The Spirit is in this world but It doesn’t belong to it. It does not belong to this illusory world of matter and time.

We can infer that if this spark of antimatter fire, the Spirit, could free Itself from the prison, Its behaviour in this world would be extremely aggressive. Firstly, since It is antimatter It abhors matter. Secondly, because It has been skilfully trapped and shackled against Its will for thousands of years. Naturally then, on an abstract level of reasoning, if this Spirit could free Itself, the first thing It would do would be to destroy. Destroy everything that surrounded It in this impure world, the created world, the material universe of the creator god. This Spirit is not an evil being, but it would be the normal behaviour of someone who had been confined in a prison unfairly and against their will. Tricked and against their will as Gnostics say. Imprisoned in a world to which It does not belong, in a satanic world of matter and time.

An interesting fact is that, at the beginning of christianity, the existence of these three entities in man – body, soul and Spirit – was upheld. Saint Paul, for example, accepted this, Saint Augustine as well. Later it was lost through the councils and decisions of the pope and the roman church. It remained as it is known to us now: body and soul. Now it would appear that the soul is the only divine thing within man and that there is nothing else. What happened to the Spirit? It has disappeared. It is striking that it has happened this way. Later we will be coming back to this issue.

The Gnostic System

In our difficult time, only few can distance oneself from frightening reality. How does Gnostic experience allow us to relate to social problems?

The Gnostic systems primarily differed in their extraordinarily careful, even touching, compassion for living life—not to kill a living being, not to cause pain to animals, and all the more not to torture or hurt human being. These are all characteristics of the Manicheans and the Paulicians, the Bogomils and the Cathars (Albigensians).

In these organised movements we almost never encounter male chauvinism, so typical of all religions. Let’s remember Marcion who allowed women to perform a christening rite on an equal basis with men, and the Bogomils’ women preachers. The Cathars endowed women with full equality, allowing them to occupy the highest positions in the hierarchy of the Albigensians—‘the perfect’.

The same attitude applied to the representatives of religious minorities such as Catholics and Jews.
During their rule, the Albigensians did not force anyone to adopt their beliefs; neither did they hound and humiliate those outside their own communities.
The subconscious fear of strangers was alien to them because a stranger was no more than the bearer of divine spirit in a slightly different and maybe uncustomary shell than the one they wore themselves.

What does it matter in which body a soul resides if the human body is ‘the dungeon of evil’ by definition? Can there be an advantage of one torture chamber over another, one dirty vessel over another? In any case, these vessels will be broken, and the origin of torment—‘the Creator’s closet’, as Marcion said, —destroyed.

Dualism in the perception of the world led not to the spiritual dissention, but to harmony—individual and, subsequently, social. People felt a part of the brotherhood-sisterhood of the chosen without the division into religion, appearance, sex, race, and origin. People were hostages among other hostages of the triumphant evil, neither worse nor better than the rest. This combination—aversion to the world and concurrent quiet, unrevealed delight coming from belonging to the higher pure origin—gave rise to intense joy, sombre composure, contempt for life, and anticipation of speedy parting with ‘the worn shell’ of a body.

In other words, we are all experimental mice in the laboratory of the Creator. And what difference does it make, whether we are black, white or gray mice if we know the value of this world and its ruler.

I believe this unique spiritual and social experience more than anything suits us today.

The Old and the New

The wonder of science is that it keeps us humble and reminds us that we don’t know so much more than we do know. I remember one of my professors telling us: “half of what you think you know is not true. But the problem is that we don’t know which half that is!”.
We have seen “crazy ideas” such as the movement of the earth’s continents and the idea that invisible germs can cause disease become accepted as scientific facts. We have also seen accepted facts, such as the existence of mysterious “N” waves, which were thought to be similar to radiation, disappear.
The old accepted ideas are breaking down now as new scientific understandings mesh with ancient wisdom. Modern neuroscience has validated the insights of those ancient masters of consciousness, the Tibetan monks and Jewish rabbis who meditated for much of their lives and meticulously recorded their insights. For example, the ancient Jewish rabbis described two types of consciousness which precisely match what we now loosely term as left brain and right brain thinking.
A new paradigm is coming. It will be as profound as the shift in thinking from the earth being the center of the universe to the earth being a solitary planet circling a star existing in a universe of stars. We will all play a part in creating this new understanding of consciousness heralded by the insights of the near death experience.

See The Good

It is necessary for us to be aware of our weaknesses, negative aspects, and our mistakes, in order to address and overcome them, and while some level of open and honest self-examination is needed in our spiritual life for this reason, it is important that we do not get caught up in self-judgment, self-negativity and self-doubt, or an overly self-conscious state. That will not accomplish anything good, but quite the opposite.

Instead, aware of our flaws, our imperfections, we are wise to look and see the good in ourselves, starting with seeing one point of goodness, then another, and another, adding one good to another, gathering in the good, as it were, and then focusing on drawing out, expressing, enacting that good, focusing on the good, our strengths, our talents, and using them for our sake and the sake of others in our lives. In this way we can bring a balance to our flaws and imperfections, and be empowered to transform or overcome them, and to progressively transform ourselves and our lives, and to grow and evolve as an individual, a human being.

As we learn to look and see the good in ourselves, and to draw it out, so we can seek to see the good in others, and do what we can to encourage and support them in drawing out the good that is within themselves – affirming the good in them.

It is wise for us to uplift our mind and heart, it is wise for us to uplift the level of vibration and energy in our consciousness; in so doing we bring ourselves into alignment and harmony with the Divine Presence, Holy Shekinah, and the Divine Presence will move with us in the various actions of our lives, and may take up those actions with us and complete them.

Do understand, the word Shekinah means the ‘Indweller,’ indicating the great good, the divinity, in the depths of our being. Quite naturally, if we make a habit of drawing out the good that is in us we will reach into that depth of ‘greater good’ and draw upon it.

Virus, Protests, Fake News, and End Times

I can’t handle the stupidity from the sleepers anymore…

You wanna come at me with the “Virus” is spiking up again and Imma hit ya with the full list of what is about to happen in the Very near future…

I told these clowns at work before they started reopening this sham of a country that they would close it back down and troops would be on the streets…Geee…What part of that won’t happen?!?

For the slow crowd I’ll say this…You will have a choice to make very soon about if your gonna inject a horrible vaccine/chip combo…They will blame it on you and everyone else as the reason they have to shut everything back down…The crowded bs beach shots the media shows(Busy yes…Packed NO)…

The riots that broke out due to the media pushing a sham story about a white cop and a black man…(Get a clue, they worked together for 17yrs as bouncers at a bar)They are actors and that floyd moron isn’t dead…How long will people stay so wilfully stupid?!? Where was I?!? Due to the riots and the goofy story about defunding the police (No I’m not a boot licking blue line supporter)(but I’ll take those clowns over the UN troops anyday)( I do personally know a few decent cops tho) so they can deploy the military on the streets…

Those very same Troops are the ones who Trump said would be deployed by the 1st of december to disperse the High Volumes of Vaccines to those who “want” them because not everyone will want them~Donald Trump…The deal is this…The NWO is transitioning as of 2020 and the world as you once knew it is over…

The Antichrist is taking control of his minions and you will soon have to decide how much you Love Jesus…You follow the Antichrist and it’s game over for you and your eternity…

You take his mark and you will be the one who receives the first bowl of Wrath God sends His angels to release…You choose to follow Jesus and you will be rejected from this world and anything that it now resembles…No Job…No Car…No money…No ID…

You will most likely also be put to death…Turn that Stupid Friggin TV off…Stop watching your stupid soul stealing reality TV shows and prepare…

This is NOT a joke nor a Fake News story…

This was all laid out in Gods Word Long Ago…

You can simply ignore the warning and the thief will gladly come and steal your soul and take it with him to the place of everlasting fire…

Even if your comfortably Sleeping in la la land right now you can tell something is not right…Reread what I wrote and get a clue…Myself and thousands of others have been preaching this endtime message backed with scripture for many many years…

The choice of who you serve is yours…

Natural Truth

Before I can teach you how to reason, I must first teach you how to rid yourself of unreason. For many of you have not yet been educated. You have been dis-educated. To put it bluntly, you have been indoctrinated. Before you learn how to think you must first learn how to stop unthinking.

Reasoning requires you to understand truth claims, even truth claims that you think are false or bad or just icky. Most of you have been taught to label things with various “isms” which prevent you from understanding claims you find uncomfortable or difficult.

Reasoning requires correct judgment. Judgment involves making distinctions, discriminating. Most of you have been taught how to avoid critical, evaluative judgments by appealing to simplistic terms such as “diversity” and “equality.”

Reasoning requires you to understand the difference between true and false. And reasoning requires coherence and logic. Most of you have been taught to embrace incoherence and illogic. You have learned to associate truth with your subjective feelings, which are neither true nor false but only yours, and which are constantly changeful.

We will have to pull out all of the weeds in your mind as we come across them. Unfortunately, your mind is full of weeds, and this will be a very painful experience. But it is strictly necessary if anything useful, good, and fruitful is to be planted in your head.

There is no formula for this. Each of you has different weeds, and so we will need to take this on the case-by-case basis. But there are a few weeds that infect nearly all of your brains. So I am going to pull them out now.

First, except when describing an ideology, you are not to use a word that ends in “ism.” Communism, socialism, Nazism, and capitalism are established concepts in history and the social sciences, and those terms can often be used fruitfully to gain knowledge and promote understanding. “Classism,” “sexism,” “materialism,” “cisgenderism,” and (yes) even racism are generally not used as meaningful or productive terms, at least as you have been taught to use them. Most of the time, they do not promote understanding.

In fact, “isms” prevent you from learning. You have been taught to slap an “ism” on things that you do not understand, or that make you feel uncomfortable, or that make you uncomfortable because you do not understand them. But slapping a label on the box without first opening the box and examining its contents is a form of cheating. Worse, it prevents you from discovering the treasures hidden inside the box. For example, when we discussed the Code of Hammurabi, some of you wanted to slap labels on what you read which enabled you to convince yourself that you had nothing to learn from ancient Babylonians. But when we peeled off the labels and looked carefully inside the box, we discovered several surprising truths. In fact, we discovered that Hammurabi still has a lot to teach us today.

One of the falsehoods that has been stuffed into your brain and pounded into place is that moral knowledge progresses inevitably, such that later generations are morally and intellectually superior to earlier generations, and that the older the source the more morally suspect that source is. There is a term for that. It is called chronological snobbery. Or, to use a term that you might understand more easily, “ageism.”

Second, you have been taught to resort to two moral values above all others, diversity and equality. These are important values if properly understood. But the way most of you have been taught to understand them makes you irrational, unreasoning. For you have been taught that we must have as much diversity as possible and that equality means that everyone must be made equal. But equal simply means the same. To say that 2+2 equals 4 is to say that 2+2 is numerically the same as four. And diversity simply means difference. So when you say that we should have diversity and equality you are saying we should have difference and sameness. That is incoherent, by itself. Two things cannot be different and the same at the same time in the same way.

Furthermore, diversity and equality are not the most important values. In fact, neither diversity nor equality is valuable at all in its own right. Some diversity is bad. For example, if slavery is inherently wrong, as I suspect we all think it is, then a diversity of views about the morality of slavery is worse than complete agreement that slavery is wrong.

Similarly, equality is not to be desired for its own sake. Nobody is equal in all respects. We are all different, which is to say that we are all not the same, which is to say that we are unequal in many ways. And that is generally a good thing. But it is not always a good thing (see the previous remarks about diversity).

Related to this:  You do you not know what the word “fair” means. It does not just mean equality. Nor does it mean something you do not like. For now, you will have to take my word for this. But we will examine fairness from time to time throughout this semester.

Third, you should not bother to tell us how you feel about a topic. Tell us what you think about it. If you can’t think yet, that’s O.K.. Tell us what Aristotle thinks, or Hammurabi thinks, or H.L.A. Hart thinks. Borrow opinions from those whose opinions are worth considering. As Aristotle teaches us in the reading for today, men and women who are enslaved to the passions, who never rise above their animal natures by practicing the virtues, do not have worthwhile opinions. Only the person who exercises practical reason and attains practical wisdom knows how first to live his life, then to order his household, and finally, when he is sufficiently wise and mature, to venture opinions on how to bring order to the political community.

One of my goals for you this semester is that each of you will encounter at least one idea that you find disagreeable and that you will achieve genuine disagreement with that idea. I need to explain what I mean by that because many of you have never been taught how to disagree.

Disagreement is not expressing one’s disapproval of something or expressing that something makes you feel bad or icky. To really disagree with someone’s idea or opinion, you must first understand that idea or opinion. When Socrates tells you that a good life is better than a life in exile you can neither agree nor disagree with that claim without first understanding what he means by “good life” and why he thinks running away from Athens would be unjust. Similarly, if someone expresses a view about abortion, and you do not first take the time to understand what the view is and why the person thinks the view is true, then you cannot disagree with the view, much less reason with that person. You might take offense. You might feel bad that someone holds that view. But you are not reasoning unless you are engaging the merits of the argument, just as Socrates engaged with Crito’s argument that he should flee from Athens.

So, here are three ground rules for the rest of this blog.

1.  The only “ism” I ever want to come out your mouth is a syllogism. If I catch you using an “ism” or its analogous “ist” — racist, classist, etc. — then you will not be permitted to continue speaking until you have first identified which “ism” you are guilty of at that very moment. You are not allowed to fault others for being biased or privileged until you have first identified and examined your own biases and privileges.

2.  If I catch you this blog using the words “fair,” “diversity,” or “equality,” or a variation on those terms, and you do not stop immediately to explain what you mean, you will lose your privilege to express any further opinions in class until you first demonstrate that you understand three things about the view that you are criticizing.

3.  If you ever begin a statement with the words “I feel,” before continuing you must cluck like a chicken or make some other suitable animal sound.

Having Too Much Power Makes Them Insane

This is a warning. Move out of the big cities. It is going to get worse. No police, no protection, these wicked people have gotten what they want. A lawless country.

Now you know how it feels when you give a liberal a little liberty, it’s not enough until they take yours away. They will demand conformity or they will destroy your reputation, get you fired from your job, take your children, take your homes, and refuse medical treatment. I have told you for years that this was going to happen. You called me uninformed, stupid, I did not know what I was talking about, you laughed at me, called me names, said I was a conspiracy theorist, and a nut case. Now you cannot turn on the news and not see the chaos everywhere you look. Lberals forcing people to bow before them, tearing down historical statues and flags, defacing heads of former presidents, and telling the police force to stand downI have told you for years they hate our country, our customs, our way of life, and our constitution. They will rewrite history, make more laws to make you conform, to shut you up, and comply.

You are scared. You should be. You sit back and let this happen. We warned you for years. You told us to vote. See where that gets us. Same crap every 4 years. How does it feel to have a republican president, but the liberals are running everything? You thought Trump was going to drain the swamp. You thought he was going to arrest Obama and Hillary. They are still walking around, influencing every American policy. Nancy Pelosi and her comrades have a lot of power, and they are using it. America is in chaos. It’s time to start praying some imprecatory prayers. If you do not know what they are? You need to do some research. Time for the church of the Living God to arise. This madness can be stopped. First thing; the church needs to repent. Secondly; these politicians must be removed. Not by voting them out, they need to be fired, with no pension. Thirdly; order must be established again.

You want to defeat racism. Here’s how to do it. Churches need to open their doors to all races. Walk hand in hand. No more white power. No more black power. We need to establish the power of God in our nation again.

Scare People Into Submission

Scare people with a virus. Place them in quarantine. Count the number of dead every second of every day in every news headline.

Close all businesses. 40,000,000 out of jobs.

Peak unemployment. Remove entertainment: parks, gyms, bars, restaurants, sports.

No dating. No touching. Mask people. Dehumanize them. Close temples and churches. Create a vacuum. Let depression and anxiety and desperation set in.

Then… ignite hatred and civil war. Civil unrest. Empty the prisons because of the virus and fill the streets with criminals. Send in Antifa to vandalize property as if they are freedom fighters.

Undermine the law. Loot. Attack law enforcement, but tell government to order a stand-down. We are all being baited by adversarial governments who want to destroy America – China, Iran, Russia.

Have the Far Left abuse the racial wars to fuel the fires. And, in an election year, have Democrats blame all of it on the President.

Can’t take America in a war, destroy it from within.We are being conditioned, manipulated, and programmed by multiple agendas as never before…..time to DO OUR OWN RESEARCH and MAKE UP OUR OWN MINDS rather than eating everything being spoon-fed to us from the media!!

These Days Are Demonic

I have been thinking about all the things that has been going on in this world lately. And it seems to be getting bad each and every day. Riots and looting everywhere. Churches, police stations, businesses are burning. Politician are trying to pass laws to do away with the police department. Madness everywhere. What are we gonna do. I thought I would never see this kind of stuff in my lifetime. It’s here. And it’s in full bloom.

There has been a demonic infiltration that has been instigated by forces beyond our wildest imagination. People are saying and doing things without restraint. If you call them on it they start acting like a bunch of spoiled brats. Is it gonna get any better? Is this the last days? Have our final moments here on earth are just about to rap up? It seems that way. Doesn’t it? What we need in this time is a word from God, we need direction, we need answers. Conspiracy theorist have been telling us for years that these days were coming. We have been warned. Now we are facing the consequences of our decisions. We are facing the repercussion of a lack of understanding. In this day and age we need to return back to the basic of life. A heart that is pure, and a love that is beyond our reality.

Civil War May Come

If you haven’t figured it out yet, the real news today is not being reported on your TV. Around the globe, nationalists in many countries are up against a world-wide network of interlayered interests. These include the CIA, the Mossad, Pakistani ISI, the CCP and others. These networks of operatives are who are behind the unrest not only in America, but in many western nations. Even when we are finally successful in closing down ANTIFA, they just reform into any one of a dozen other groups. Remember ACORN? ANTIFA is what ACORN became. Please get your affairs in order. The war for America is coming. It may end up as a physical war, (God forbid), but it is primarily a war of ideologies. This battle will require that we be the best we can be. Educate yourself and others. Share what you learn. Connect with your neighbors. Make the connections now within your communities so that when the attacks come, you know who your neighbors are and who are the invading hordes. Be well. Be safe. Walk in Peace.